Direct Burial Service


PLUS: Casket, Vault & Cemetery Plot

Direct Burial Service Includes:

  • Transportation to Mortuary
  • Filing necessary paperwork
  • Tribute Page
  • Transportation to Cemetery for direct burial without service

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Additional Services

Certified Copies of Death Certificate

  • First Certificate - $30 each
  • each additional certificate - $10


Obituary Charges are billed to the family by the newspaper. We will be glad to assist you in posting an obituary. Submissions for The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News can be sent electronically online.

Deseret News -
Salt Lake Tribune -

Salt Lake Tribune Contact -  Email: Phone: 801-237-2990

Deseret News Contact - Email: Phone: 801-204-6205


Our caskets typically range in price as follows:

  • Wood Caskets.............$1,750-5,400
  • Metal Caskets................$950-3,500


Vault service includes: Vault, canopy, chairs, PA system. Our vaults typically range in price as follows:



Transportation to Mortuary
Removal and transportation from place of death (Hospital, nursing home, residence, etc.) or medical examiner to I.P.S. up to 50 miles one way. Each additional one-way mile: $2.00.

Filing necessary paperwork
After obtaining required information for a Death Certificate, we will generate a certificate, get necessary signatures and register it with the State of Utah. After registering the certificate, and obtaining the cremation permit, we will pick up orders for certified copies of the death certificate.

Tribute Page
An online tribute page on to place obituary, pictures, memories and service times. Easily shared by linking page on social media sites.

Transportation to Cemetery
Delivery of casket to cemetery up to 50 miles one way for direct burial without service.

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